International cooperation AS3's international partnership


AS3 aim to be Nordic leaders in Job Transition Management and Outplacement. With over 60 offices, we have local representation in the larger cities of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Outside the Nordic region, AS3 has a global partnership with  LHH  (LHH), who specialise in the same areas as AS3. LHH is represented in over 60 countries, with over 300 offices and is the world's largest Career Transition business.

LHH has over 40 years of experience of  supporting people through job-related changes and in improving individual job performance.


The global partnership between AS3 and LHH was concluded on the basis of mutual respect for each other's professionalism and view of human nature.

Our two organisations share very similar values ​​and approaches to supporting people, which enables us to refer clients and candidates to one another, with a view to being able to offer locally-oriented expertise, without compromising the quality of the advice we offer.

want to know more?

If you want to know more about our international services please contact your AS3 contact or the international department, Jens Daa Hankert, directly at