Press section

AS3 is an active partner in the public sector and private business. Therefore, we are happy to contribute to the public debate with our opinions and knowledge about changes and transitions on the labour market.

The various companies in AS3 are specialists in their respective fields, which means that we are able to offer a wide range of experts.

You are very welcome to contact us if you think we can contribute, or if you would like information about or contact to a company in AS3.

Jens Daa Hankert
+45 82 10 00 00 

AS3's expertise includes such areas as:

  • Human transitions in connection with job-related changes
  • Labour market-oriented language teaching and effective integration of refugees/immigrants
  • Upgrading the qualifications of unemployed people who face challenges other than unemployment
  • Job seeking, unemployment and the way into/back to the labour market
  • Additional stakeholder and partnership with the state employment initiative
  • Statutory sick pay
  • Worthy redundancy processes and repositioning of terminated employees
  • Employee well-being and stress management for managers and employees
  • Executive career coaching
  • Executive outplacement
  • The Nordic labour market
  • Global outplacement
  • Spouse programmes for expatriate employees in Denmark and globally
  • Overseas relocation of companies
  • Statutory sick pay


When you contact AS3 in a media capacity, in connection with a possible story, article etc. we will ask you to answer a series of questions so that we can assess whether we want to participate.

1) What media are you from?

2) What story do you aim to do?

3) What do you want from AS3?

4) Who else will be contributing?

5) Is it part of a theme and, if so, what is the context?

6) When is your deadline?

7) When will the story be published?

8) It is our group policy to review and proof-read all quotations and, if possible, the entire article prior to publication.

9) We need you to send us your questions by email but you are, of course, always welcome to call us first.