AS3 - supporting people and organisations for 30 years

The world is constantly changing, and it is happening at an ever-growing pace.  For the past 30 years AS3 has been providing people and organisations with an understanding for the Transition Theory, giving them a solid base for handling the relentless changes in the best way possible.

It all started in 1989

It all started back in 1989 when Allan and Søren saw a need for a more conceptualised way of supporting blue collar workers who had been made redundant. While some support programmes existed for executives, the idea of outplacement-support for employees at all levels was new.

Also new, was the idea of taking human reactions and psychology into consideration. With their concept, Allan and Søren introduced redundant employees to the ideas of re-framing and transitions in order to offer a more genuine support than any existing job search programmes did at the time.

From the basement to the top

When AS3 was founded in 1989, the office was a damp basement, the meeting table was an old door on a pair of supports and the business attires were neon-coloured to match the moustaches. All that has obviously changed along with the rest of society. But the concept has stood the test of time and the dedication to make a difference in people’s lives is also unchanged.

However, no company can maintain a leading position in the market for 30 years without constantly changing with the times. Luckily for us, we are specialised in changes, and that capability is one of the key factors to staying on top of any market.  

Nordic and global

Today, AS3 is a Nordic business with roughly 800 employees working from 80 offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. AS3 is exclusive partner to the wold’s largest Career Transition company, Lee Hecht Harrison, and we are consequently able to offer our support globally.

Personal and Digital

Through the years the personal meeting with the individual candidate has been the pivotal point and in recent years the counselling process has been backed up by incorporating digital tools and insights on the AS3 Portal, which is all uniquely developed by AS3 in order to connect our candidates to the labour market in a quicker, better and closer way. Consequently, our focus is always “Personal and Digital”, regardless of if we are counselling unemployed citizens, laid-off employees, or people on sick leave or if we are teaching refugees and immigrants a Nordic language and about integration into the labour market.

Visit our website

Visit our website to learn more about our different business units and how they are each specialised in supporting different segments of the business world and the labour market.