AS3's board and management

Since the foundation of AS3 in Denmark in 1989, the company has evolved to be a Nordic organisation with subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland and Norway.


External members of the board contributes to outline the overall strategy while local management ensures the implementation in the individual countries.

The AS3 board

Carsten Koch


Christian Lund

Board member


Board member

Group management

Allan Gross-Nielsen

Daily manager of AS3

AS3 Employment and AS3 Work&Care

Niels Søbye


Brian Engberg

Sales - and Market Director

Bo Hansen

Director, Work&Care


Inge Sørensen

Sales - and Development Director, A2B

Lars Raun

Works Manager of A2B, Denmark

AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive Denmark

Jørgen Uhrbrand

Daily manager of AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive Denmark

AS3 Norway

Einar Wergeland-Jenssen

Daily manager of AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive, Norway

Reidun Stölen

Director and daily manager of AS3 Employment, Norway

Morten Pinsker

Works Manager of AS3 Employment, Norway

Leder a2b norge Szyngwelski

Waldemar Szyngwelski

Daily Manager, A2B Norway

AS3 Sweden

Katarina Moberg

Daily manager of AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive, Sweden

Azadeh Farshchian

Daily Manager, A2B Sweden

AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive, Finland

Leena Airola

Manager, sales and administration, AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive Finland

Hanna Souranta

Manager, professional content, AS3 Transition and AS3 Executive Finland

Hanna-Leena Livio

Manager, executive services, AS3 Executive Finland

Corporate operations

Peter L. Christensen

Responsible for Finance & Facility in AS3

Jens D. Hankert

Responsible for Digital & International in AS3

Regitze Rose

Responsible for Talent, Learning & Culture in AS3