Code of Conduct

Our core values ​​of decency, business-orientation and the long-term establish the framework for the way we act and the way we do business.

Based on these values and based on the 10 principles of Global Compact , we have prepared a Nordic code of responsibility for our company, AS3's Code of Conduct.

Through support and signatures from our external board and our Nordic management team we are committed at all levels of the organisation to comply with the guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct.

AS3's Code of Conduct covers four main areas.


Human Rights

AS3’s services are built on a fundamental respect for human rights.

As a company, we are committed to complying with international conventions and responsible business practices in relation to human rights and equality.

AS3 therefore states its unequivocal support for the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Job Market and Social Conditions

AS3 hires a person for a position who has the personal and professional competences that match the requirements we demand for the job.

We see it as a strength that our employees have different experiences and different professional competences.

We endeavour to ensure frameworks for a workplace; where the working conditions, well-being and developmental conditions are the same for everyone irrespective of their gender, age, handicap, ethnicity, colour, religion, sexual orientation and social status.


Legislation and Anti-Corruption

To comply with the law and agreements is a must and a minimum requirement that AS3 demands of itself. Moreover, we want to do more than is expected of us in specific areas.

We focus on conducting ourselves in a professional and responsible manner in all situations. It is crucial for us that we never compromise our credibility.

This means for example, that we want to enter into a dialogue with our partners and suppliers about how we comply with legislation and behave responsibly and comply with the applicable standards and conventions.


Environment and Climate

In AS3 we focus on our environmental efforts to limit the direct environmental impacts of our activities. Our primary impact on the environment comes from the resources we use in our office facilities and in our interplay with each other, our clients and our business partners.

We continuously strive to increase employee awareness and competences concerning our impact on the environment and the climate. We purchase and use consumables and equipment that supports a good environment as well as a good working environment and we reduce our energy consumption and waste generation on an ongoing basis.

The Board's Commitment

The external board of AS3 supports the United Nations Global Compact and the principles are rooted throughout the company. Global Compact is the world's largest voluntary network for companies and organizations who want to actively formalize their social responsibility.