OUR CORE VALUES Code of Conduct

Our core values ​​of decency, business-orientation and the long-term establish the framework for the way we act and the way we do business.

Based on these values and based on the 10 principles of Global Compact , we have prepared a Nordic code of responsibility for our company, AS3's Code of Conduct.

Through support and signatures from our external board and our Nordic management team we are committed at all levels of the organisation to comply with the guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct.

AS3's Code of Conduct covers four main areas

  1.    Human rights
  2.    The framework is established by legislation
  3.    Inclusiveness
  4.    Environmental consideration

The areas of our Code of Conduct are formulated to reflect and support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Our Code of Conduct means that we have precisely formulated what we expect of ourselves and that we take a special responsibility in these four main areas.

With the support of our external Board of Directors as well as our Nordic Executive Board, we have committed ourselves to abide by the guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct, at all levels of our organisation.


This is how many people we counselled in the Nordic countries during 2016 ... personally and on the basis of the individual's own personal situation.

Our promise:

In AS3 we put great effort intro providing the right counselling for both managers and employees. We believe, that this is best done by taking startingpoint in the situation of the individual.

Therefore we have a promise, meant for the market, but also ourselves: We're there!

We are there for the individual customer, and we are there for the individual in our counselling. We are also there internally in AS3 for each other. Our promise obligate us to be present - only then can we make a difference.