"I'm no Superman, but I am dedicated to leadership"

"My responsibility is to create results for the business, but it's not something I can do alone. It is through the team that we succeed. Therefore, I always focus on being a motivating leader for my talented employees. "

This is what Director of Sales East in AS3 Transition Palle Udsen says. He was on board when the first team of AS3's internal management training was launched in 2015.

Since then, more than 50 leaders in AS3 has become a part of the program, which is offered to all new managers in the organization. Below you can read how Palle Udsen experienced the 10 modules of the ledership education.

Dedication before superpowers

When I started in AS3 almost 10 years ago, Allan Gross-Nielsen told us about our values. And it made a huge impression. It became clear to me that the goal is that we as managers and employees can identify with being part of AS3.

And I experienced that to a great extent also reflected in the management training.

Allan started the education with a focus on why the organization chooses to conduct internal leadership training. Here he placed great emphasis on the fact that we will never become Supermen- and Women, but that is also not what we are meant to beThe goal is instead that we know our own and each other's challenges, know how we can develop and most importantly that we are dedicated to leadership.

Community across the organization

Throughout the training managers across the entire organization were gathered  and that had a very positive effect on me. .

The togetherness and community that was created meant that my eyes were opened to a whole different world with regards to what happens in other parts of the business. That way, one does not get stuck in the thought that things are only in one particular way in Btb or Employment, and that was incredibly enriching.

How does my own medicine taste?

"I'm employed in a Business Unit from which much of the theory of the leadership training originates , so I was familiar with some of the modules' content in advance. And it was a special experience for me to be challenged by what we tell our customers each and every day.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to take your own medicine.

Because we speak externally about the development of leaders, it is positive to know that AS3 has its own internal leadership training. It shows that we are guaranteed to challenge our customers on these particular subjects and that provides a good synergy. "

Aha-experiences makes good leaders

"The individual conversations with my coach during the education were enormously rewarding and greatly expanded my horizons.

In the module on resistance, for example, I had a good talk with my coach about what resistance really is about.  It is easy to have your own perception of why others experience resistance It may therefore be a bit of an aha-experience to ask for someone else's experience of resistance, and sometimes you have to say 'Well, this was what it was about. I actually thought it was something else.’

In the same way, I gained insight into what it really means to be clear as a leader. Clearness can be experienced very differently, depending on who you communicate with, and it is therefore extremely important to adapt your communication to the individual.

I really could feel how I developed when we worked with practical examples during the education. Through that I gained an increased attention to what I say, how I and others react and how my body language is."

Leadership training in everyday life

The leadership contract tied a nice bow on the modules because we got to vocalize what we had been through and how we can use it afterwards. Even though everyday life starts again, you must be ready to keep developing as a leader.  If you do not have a desire to develop in general, then you should not be a leader at all.

I finished the education in the end of 2016. After that I have especially focused on thinking clarity into everything I do, making the right decisions and creating the closeness needed for both my employees and myself thrive."