AS3 Academy Introduction and qualifications at AS3

At AS3 we aim to uphold and develop our professionalism continually, because we know it helps us create the best results. Therefore, all new AS3 employees and freelancers are welcomed on board with an introduction at AS3 Academy.

AS3 Academy also offers an internal EMCC-accredited Transition Coach Programme, leadership education, certification for counsellors and relevant courses on an ongoing basis. 

It all starts at AS3 Academy

We know that the way we accept new colleagues determines how quickly they feel at home at AS3 and become comfortable with their work. Therefore we go to a lot of trouble, from day one. We do this by properly introducing new people to their colleagues, the organisation, business procedures and working methods. We aim for a smooth introduction, because we wish to:

  • ensure that everyone gets off to a good start at AS3

  • ensure understanding of our concepts, values, quality requirements and areas of business

  • support our employees to quickly achieve good results at work.

All new employees and freelancers at AS3 will complete a targeted, individual induction programme.

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We have developed our own coaching qualification, which we offer to salaried and freelance counsellors and coaches: the AS3 Transition Coach Programme. The Transition Coach Programme is accredited at three levels of qualification by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. It is AS3's clear ambition that the programme should help sustain professionalism at AS3, and establish new standards in the field of coaching.
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The clearly defined leadership

Internal leadership education in AS3

The leadership education is offered to all new leaders in AS3. The goal is to secure that we always create the best possible results of the highest standard.

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