Academy Transition Coach Programme

Since 2008 we have invested heavily in the development of our own coaching education: the Transition Coach Programme. The programme is aimed at fulltime and freelance counsellors at AS3.

We have created our own coaching programme so that you as an employee can get:

  • a coaching qualification that is targeted at our specialty, which is counselling people as they face job-related changes,

  • a qualification with plenty of psychological depth, which is based on scientifically well-founded theories and basic research in the fields of psychology, communication and learning theory.

Our education is ambitious. In addition to training days with AS3 Academy, you as a participant need to invest a lot of time in reading, coach training, completing of homework assignments and other activities. In return you will experience personal development with massive focus on your coaching skills.

The Transition Coach Programme will give you:

  • Tools to help others and organizations reach their goals
  • The opportunity to strengthen others in ensuring a good balance between performance, well-being and motivation
  • Awareness of how to use your personal resources as a tool to achieve visible results in others

Internationally accredited education

It is important for us to have a high quality of education and it is our clear ambition to set new standards for coaching with our Transition Coach Programme. The programme is therefore accredited by an external agency: The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

EMCC has a strong focus on ethics in coaching which is one of the main reasons why we in AS3 has chosen EMCC as accreditation partner. The accreditation means that you as a participant i secured an internationally recognised education. 

The accreditation is not achieved once and for all but applies for 5 years at a time. This means that we have committed ourselves to continuously developing the education and ensuring that the high academic level is maintained at all time. You can read more about EMCC here.

"We are very proud that the Transition Coach Programme in 2008 was the first education in Denmark to be accredited by EMCC." Regitze Rose, HR director, AS3

Coaching in focus

The Transition Coach Programme was originally awarded the external accreditation in 2014. Since then the programme has been improved and developed ongoingly. That means that it contentiously is accredited on 3 levels and today the programme is offered internally on the two levels Foundation and Practitioner. In addition, we also offer the third level, Senior Practitioner, on our external version of the programme.

Marlene, who has completed the senior practitioner level:

“When a candidate finds that they are faced with a curious person who can help them to expand their perspective about opportunities and at the same time serve as employment-oriented support, there is a change.”

Education throughout the organization

730 employees and freelancers in AS3 has since the programme was first introduced completed the Transition Coach Programme on the Foundation level.

Allan Gross-Nielsen, CEO in AS3, shares his thoughts on the Transition Coach Programme.

Since 2008 AS3 has offered the Transition Coach Programme internally. Today the programme is also offered externally.

At the moment, the external programme is only offered in Danish, but don't hesitate to contact us, if you have other requirements.