Academy AS3 Transition Coach Programme


AS3 aims to be the Nordic region's best and most well-respected in our sphere of expertise. We are used to upholding and developing our professionalism, because we know it helps us to create the best results.

Since 2008 we have invested heavily in the development of our own coaching qualification, the Transition Coach education, which is aimed at fulltime and freelance counsellors at AS3. We have created our own coaching qualification because:

  • we want a coaching qualification that is targeted at our specialty, which is counselling people as they face job-related changes,

  • we want a qualification with plenty of psychological depth, which is based on scientifically well-founded theories and basic research in the fields of psychology, communication and learning theory.

Our education is an ambitious one. In addition to training days with AS3 Academy, participants need to invest a lot of time in reading, coach training, completing of homework assignments and other activities.


It is important for us to have a high-quality of education, and with the Transition Coach qualification, it is our clear ambition to set new standards in the field of coaching. Therefore, the qualification is accredited by an external body, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

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In 2008, the Transition Coach education was the first qualification in Denmark to receive EMCC accreditation. Anne Sofie Fedders, educational consultant, AS3
“…after I completed the TC qualification, coaching is no longer just a mode that I only turn on when in a coach forum. It has become a part of myself, my personality and the way I head out into the world.” Jette Teichmann, Sales Manager, AS3 Employment, graduated Senior Practitioner level
“When a candidate finds that they are faced with a curious person who can help them to expand their perspective about opportunities and at the same time serve as employment-oriented support, there is a change.” Marlene Fabrin, head of department, graduated Senior Practitioner level

levels are what the accredited Transition Coach education is divided into: Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner. It is AS3’s aim that everyone from AS3 who conducts professional dialogues should at least have Foundation level certification.


One reason why AS3 chose EMCC was because of its focus on ethics in coaching, and because participants will thus receive an internationally recognised coaching qualification. EMCC's accreditation is based on the Bologna Declaration, which is an agreement made by European Ministers of Education on quality in education and training systems. An accreditation cannot be achieved once and for all, but is valid for five years and requires an undertaking to continuously progress the qualification.