A Common Leadership Model: The Key to Clear Leadership

In AS3, our core task is to work with people in a state of work-related change. And our ability to lead the business is a crucial element of success. Therefore, the leader is important as the cultural frontrunner that ties the organization together.

In order to strengthen the overall organization and results of the organization, we have worked in AS3 to identify which management benchmarks are important to us.

The keyword is CLEAR - we believe that clear leadership is a key factor in ensuring that we achieve good results and well-being in our company.

We have therefore developed our own internal leadership model - you will be presented with this if you say yes to a position of leadership in AS3.

Below, I will give you a brief insight into the elements that the leadership model contains.

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Allan Gross-Nielsen, CEO, AS3

Leadership contract provides a common language

When you enter a leadership role in AS3, you will be presented with a leadership contract. It might seem like a big word to call it a contract because it is not legally binding. And that's not the intention either.

It is, on the other hand, a personal contract that you make with yourself and your immediate leader. The goal of the contract is to create a common language and an opportunity to be in dialogue with your own immediate leader on how you intend to take on the leadership role.

The leadership contract is based on four principles that we have collected in a model called the Leadership Model.


Below, I will clarify what the four principles mean for your leadership in AS3.

Take responsibility

Most of us take on responsibilities in everyday life. But it is important to be aware that you now enter a new role as leader, and with that role follows a new responsibility. What exactly characterizes your leadership role? And what is the responsibility you must take to be in that role? These are some of the considerations you should make when you say yes to the responsibilities of a leader in AS3. With the leadership role follows some challenges that one must accept. Your employees should therefore be able to trust you to say "I have it" when challenges come knocking.

Step into character

It is a well-known Kierkegaardian expression that we have used here, but what exactly does it mean to step into character? It means you must show who you are, what you want and what you stand for. As a leader, you must be there for your employees, solve the challenges and make the necessary decisions, both when things are going well, when something is difficult and when it is developing. No one should play the role of Superman, because none of us are. And you should never try to be something you are not, even though it can be experienced as a challenge in the leadership role. But you must be there, just as the person you are - even when it's difficult.


A motivating daily life is something we create together, and it is very important for all of us to experience everyday life as motivating. One of the keys to motivating is by being present in daily life. As a leader, you must follow up on your employees, not just professionally but also personally. Some of you will experience the challenges of distance management. And that's not the easiest thing. But then it's about finding other ways of showing your presence. Your employees must also feel that they have the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. Therefore, AS3 focuses on creating a feedback-friendly culture that motivates the individual to develop themselves and the overall organization. As a leader, therefore, it is also your responsibility to contribute to your employees are comfortable giving as well as receiving feedback.

Create value

Leadership is about creating good results and thereby contributing to healthy growth. The good results must be felt in the department, by the employees, by the customer, at AS3 and in society. The good results arise in the cooperation of the organization, but this cooperation requires clear leadership.

On the 2nd module of AS3's internal leadership education we explore the model further. The total education consists of 10 modules and takes 1 year to complete.

In AS3, we believe that management is a personal craft that you never finish developing. I therefore hope that you will benefit from both the leadership model, the management contract and your overall experience as a leader. And I also hope that your employees will say that they benefit from your leadership, because that's where clear leadership really comes into play.