academy Introduction and certification


AS3 Academy helps to meet the demands we encounter at work. Through targeted induction and training programmes, AS3 Academy helps to provide the best conditions for us to support people when they face changes at work.

All new employees and freelancers to AS3 are welcomed with an introduction at AS3 Academy. The introductory programme is individually customised and adapted to the position and work area. The programme will be planned by the new employee or freelancer's immediate superior when he or she starts.

The introduction programme includes participation in one or more days of courses at AS3 Academy. If you are a counsellor, you will complete our certification programme. As a rule of thumb, most course modules are held each month. You will be taught by qualified teaching staff, often colleagues with specific knowledge and practical experience from everyday life within the specific area.

Counselling is a profession

A profession, which, like any other, requires good "craftsmen" with up-to-date tools if they are to achieve the best results.

Counsellor certification

If you are going to work with counselling at AS3, you will normally participate in the most comprehensive programme. All advisors at AS3, both salaried and freelance, will be certified through AS3 Academy when appointed or at the beginning of the partnership.

The certification programme usually includes multiple common corporate modules, in which all counsellors must participate, regardless of business area. The complete certification programme for counsellors also typically includes training modules, which are specially designed and focused on the tasks that are to be completed by the business unit in which you will be employed.

Only after completion of the certification programme and the final exam has been passed can counselling activity begin. In this way we achieve consistent quality, balanced with the individual counsellor's unique competence and experience.