Freelance at AS3 A future partnership with AS3

1Do you think that a high level of professionalism and good relationships are important? Are you truly able to identify with the values of decency, business orientation and the long term?

Then you might be the next person we welcome into the AS3 fold.

What do we offer?

AS3 operates in a market where we are more than happy to solve complex tasks at short notice. This requires a flexible delivery system. Freelance partnership therefore has an important role at AS3.

Being a freelance affiliate means a collaborative relationship between your company and AS3. The extent of the tasks is varied. Therefore, it is important to consider the collaboration as a supplement to the business you already operate.

Find out more about what we can offer, and what it is like to be a part of a growing business, whose overall aim is to support people who are undergoing change.


AS3 covers the entire Nordic region which a range of different business units. Go to our local sites to explore your opportunities.
Introduction, certification and qualification

We are used to upholding and developing our professionalism, because we know it helps us to create the best results. It is important to be well-equipped, right from the start.

Read more about introduction, certification and qualification at AS3 here.