Our strategic foundation

Our vision

Our vision is to be the Nordic region's leading and most respected organisation in Workforce Transformation.


Our mission is to counsel, coach and advise management and staff on how to manage job-related changes. We call this area of business Workforce Transformation.

The common denominator for all of our business units is that they are based on the various aspects of job-related changes. 

OUR VALUES The Group's three values

  • Decent

    Being decent means that we are honest, empathetic, respectful and good at communicating with one another and the people with whom we do business. 

  • Business-oriented

    To us, being business Oriented means that we are professionals, and that we are making a difference for the people we counsel, for our customers and partners, as well as for each other internally in AS3. 

  • Long-term

    To us, working for the  long term means that we build our business on long-term relationships as well as on long-lasting concepts and solutions for all parties. 

OUR PROMISE We are there!

At AS3 Companies, we stress the importance of providing the right counselling services  and we believe that such services must be tailored to the specific situation of the individual.

In our counselling, we are there for individual customers and for the individual. We are also there for our colleagues at AS3. This promise requires that we are attentive. This is the only way we can make a difference.


AS3 is divided into a number of specialised business areas.

  • AS3 Transition

    AS3 TRANSITION's contribution is to help companies meet a constantly growing amount of new requirements. In order to ensure competitiveness, companies often implement changes faster than their surroundings, and what is normal today can be obsolete tomorrow. By focusing on the human being, which is often overlooked in the process, AS3 Transition supports companies as they achieve their business goals. We call this "Job Transition" Read more about AS3 Transition

  • AS3 Executive

    AS3 EXECUTIVE offers individually customised counselling for executives, based on the demands that are made today. We work with Executive Outplacement, where we lay down an optimal strategy and plan for a terminated top executive to find his or her path to a quick comeback. We also work with Executive Coaching, Career and Performance to ensure continued success in a current position. Read more about AS3 Executive

  • AS3 Employment

    AS3 Employment has gained considerable experience in job counselling for unemployed people from vastly different backgrounds. We hold numerous courses in partnership with job centres. The goal is to help people to find new jobs and careers. We have in-depth knowledge of job opportunities as we are in constant touch with industry and business. Read more about AS3 Employment

  • AS3 Work&Care

    AS3 WORK & CARE specialises in organising holistic, interdisciplinary programmes aimed at people on sick leave and unemployed people with mental and physical problems. We are achieving significant results in cooperation with job centres and municipalities. Initiatives are individually planned and aimed at the labour market, linked to a broadly professional team. Read more about AS3 Work&Care

  • A2B

    A2B upgrades the training of people who are unemployed and matches them with a specific job or training. We teach Danish to "New Danes" and equip them to become part of the labour market. We are successful when our labour market-oriented activities and Danish courses qualify our candidates to become self-sufficient. Read more about A2B

  • MENTOR company

    MENTOR COMPANY has since 2002 educated mentors across Denmark and offers mentor programmes for persons with the need to be supported in finding one’s place or being retained in the job marked. We also offer further training of mentors and arrange several network meetings every year where mentors can meet, exchange experiences and brush up their education. Read more about MENTOR company

  • Lægekonsulenten.dk

    LÆGEKONSULENTEN.DK delivers written medical evaluations for the municipalities to use in their case handling. Lægekonsulenten.dk employs a team of doctors representing all relevant areas of specialization – including psychiatry, rheumatology, neurosurgery and general medicine. Read more about Lægekonsulenten.dk