Our workplace Employee development


We aim to offer responsible and stimulating jobs, which both take into account the employee's potential for development and objectives for the business area.

AS3 is a large organisation with plenty of possibilities. Our aim is to create a framework in which employees are able to take responsibility for their own development. This means that:

  • Through AS3 Academy, we offer introductory and certification programmes, which provide a systematic and focused introduction to new tasks and quality requirements.

  • First and foremost, competence development is "on the job", from new tasks and new responsibilities.

  • Competence development in the form of training, both internally and externally, is always aimed at the needs of both the employee's and AS3 and is discussed with the immediate superior.

  • Employee appraisal interviews are held every year and followed up continuously throughout the year.

  • As an employee, it is important that you are also aware of whether you are using yourself "properly", and what is required if you are to achieve your best results.