Our workplace What do we offer?

We take professionalism, well-being, accountability and CSR seriously at AS3. Find out more about what kind of workplace we are and aim to be, and what it is like to be a part of a growing business, whose overall aim is to support people who are undergoing change.

Continuous development

It is important for us to retain our competent employees, and we believe that personal and professional development are the best means of retention. Read more about employee development here.

A good working environment

At AS3 we actively pursue our workplace environment policy. We were also the first in our industry to be awarded a Green smiley with Crown by the Danish Working Environment Authority. Read more about what we perceive to be a good working environment.

We want to do more than is expected

AS3 is a value-based company. We want to act in a business-oriented and professional manner, for the long term. This means that we take responsibility and are willing to do more than what is expected of us when we are doing our work.

Read here about responsibility and CSR at AS3.

Professional coaching

At AS3, you will be part of a strong professional network, where you always have the opportunity to use your professional and ambitious colleagues as a sounding board.

15 quick facts about AS3

What is the story behind the name? How many people are employed at AS3? How many offices do we have? Read the answers and learn even more about AS3.