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More than 900 employees

AS3 has over 900 employees and freelancers in the Nordic region. We are biggest in Denmark, where we have approximately 500 permanent staff and freelancers.

95 addresses in the Nordics

AS3 has 95 offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with head office in Viby, Jutland, Denmark. AS3 was one of the first companies to set up careers centres for candidates who had been given their notice or are unemployed.


In 1989 Allan Gross-Nelsen and his then-partner Søren Christiansen founded the company JobPartner, which was the starting block for AS3. Read more about the history of AS3 below.
AS3's history

Office in the basement

Our very first office was in Søren's basement in Odense. The first official office was in Aarhus. In true entrepreneurial fashion, the desks were old doors laid on trestles.

Allan Gross-Nielsen

Allan is currently CEO and owner of AS3. He is also co-founder of "Jobrådgivernes Brancheforening", which is an association for job counsellors.

Why candidates?

We counsel many different focus groups in AS3. Our generic term for anyone on one of our programmes is a candidate. This can indicate that you are a candidate for a new job, to move forward after being given your notice, to see your job from a new perspective, or a candidate to becoming better at managing people through change.

AS3 - the company name

Allan Gross-Nielsen and Søren Christiansen established JobPartner. When Alan Binau entered into the partnership Jobpartner was renamed AS/3. Their names and the number of partners at start-up are what lie behind the company name. Today, the figure 3 also symbolises our three values, our three major business areas and the three phases of AS3's transition model.

this is how many people we provide with counselling every year in the Nordic countries.

We are thriving

At AS3, we also attach great importance to having a good working environment, so, each year, we conduct a satisfaction survey of all employees. - In 2016, 92% of employees responded that they are either happy or very happy with their work. - 97% of the employees also responded that they feel they are making a difference, or a big difference.

Nominated for an award

In 2014, AS3's Transition Coach qualification was nominated for EMCC's Coaching Award, which is awarded every year to companies that contribute to the professionalisation of mentoring and coaching.

of newly-recruited AS3 counsellors complete the Transition Coach qualification at Foundation level

We support

In 2016, AS3 supported causes such as Youth Red Cross andSOS Children's villages. We also send old mobile phones and laptop PCs to Mombasa. Read more about how we take our social responsibility seriously.
Global compact

First and leading

AS3 Outplacement (now AS3 Transition) was established in 1989 as one of the first stakeholders in the market. Today we are still Danish leaders in the field. In 1999 we established what is now AS3 Employment and AS3 Work&Care. A2B saw the light of day in 2001.

Nordic in 2000

2000 was the year when AS3 moved from being a pure Danish company to a Nordic organisation when we began to establish subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

International partnership

AS3 has a long tradition of international cooperation. It is important to ensure a global supply and a global vision. We now work with Lee Hecht Harrison and are thus part of the world's strongest global network in the field of Job Transition Management.
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