Our workplace Accountability and CSR


We always aim to live up to the expectations there are of a social and socio-responsible company, Corporate Social Responsibility. It is natural for us to translate CSR to a responsibility for society.

AS3 Companies is a value-based company. We want to act in a business-oriented and professional manner, for the long term. This means that we take responsibility and are willing to do more than what is expected of us in our daily work.

We always work with respect and interest for clients, candidates and employees as well as the society around them. We also keep an eye on how the way we do business has an impact on society. Our work with supporting people is an important contribution to the individual and to society.

Code of Responsibility

We want to take on a special responsibility and AS3's Code of Conduct is a formulation of exactly what we expect from ourselves. Our Code of Conduct comprises four main areas: Human rights, the environment, the law, and inclusiveness.
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A responsibility for society

AS3 has signed the United Nations Global Compact, which is the world's largest voluntary network for businesses and organisations wishing to actively formalise their social responsibility.
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candidates were counselled in 2015 by AS3 in the Nordic countries. In the vast majority of cases, we have either supported the individual in getting out of state employment initiatives and state support, or helped them not to fall into them.